We are committed to being the best food supplier and partner in the UK and Europe.  

We understand your needs because we are in the food business for a long time. We not only provide you with a range that is relevant to your business, but we also provide you with solutions outside of simply quality product & competitive price, that help you grow a successful business within your industry.

Globel Commodities has been operating for years, so we truly understand the food industry and look for ways to share our expertise with you to give you quality products and competitive price. As a wholesaler, we offer you great deals relevant to your business on volume purchasing and buying in bulk.


We are global commodities supplier and one of Europe’s leading Palm oil suppliers. From the UK headquarter to our factory in the Malaysian, we support and supply our quality foods to our valuable customers around the world.

Our Business

Food hygiene is essential to make sure that the food is safe when supply and you eat. 

Our business involved in the food industry and it is a very sensitive business, which is related to the people heath. Therefore, we care about our customers and people and always the health and safety is first in our business to make sure not just our customers receive the quality foods, also our people to be safe in the workplace.

Our Products